Friday, July 3, 2015

GDI conference at same time and place iDate's ?

The exclusive conference is all about innovation in the online dating industry, and will bring together the industry’s movers and shakers for a day of talks, discussions and networking.


The Online Dating Industry needs Innovations, but the innovations the Online Dating Industry needs will come from only one source: the latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships development with commitment. 
Only 3 major discoveries can help to revolutionize the online dating industry.
I) Several studies showing contraceptive pills users make different mate choices, on average, compared to non-users. "Only short-term but not long-term partner preferences tend to vary with the menstrual cycle"
II) People often report partner preferences that are not compatible with their choices in real life. (FORGET Behavioural recommender systems  or other system that learns your preferences)
III) What is important in attracting people to one another may not be important in making couples happy. Compatibility is all about a high level on personality similarity between prospective mates for long term mating with commitment.

Please read: The 8 tips to innovate in the Online Dating Industry!
The Online Dating Industry does not need a 10% improvement, a 50% improvement or a 100% improvement. It does need "100 times better improvement", not 100% better, 100X better == a big INNOVATION.

The Online Dating Industry needs a very powerful algorithm like the "Teller Ulam design". In this case 100 times more powerful than actual matching algorithms.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

USA FTC to investigate Affinitas GmbH. online dating site EliteSingles for overpromises.

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USA FTC Chief Technologist Ashkan Soltani On Algorithmic Transparency And The Fight Against Biased Bots

New Book on Love and Online Dating

USA Fraud Agency Call On Dating Industry To Improve Fight Against Scammers (via GDI)

Please remember EliteSingles is copycat of eHarmony.
eHarmony, is a 14+ years old obsolete site and a HOAX, based on a big scientific fraud, only sustained by big marketing budget.

The normative Big5 model (a.k.a. Big Five, FFI, FFM, Five Factor Model, OCEAN model) to measure personality of daters had been proven/revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to measure personality of daters. Now replaced by HEXACO test, a.k.a Big Six test. The BIG5 normative personality test is the biggest mistake Psychologists made since several years ago. The BIG5 is also known as the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits, a psychological model based on research by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae.
The Big Five normative test had been replaced by HEXACO or Big Six test.

The 4 biggest eHarmony's copycats.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Social networking meets recommender systems: survey

Personality Based Recommender Systems are the next generation of recommender systems because they perform far better than Behavioural ones (past actions and pattern of personal preferences).

If you want to be first in the "personalization arena" == Personality Based Recommender Systems, you should understand the ............ Online Dating Industry first of all!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

IACI: Why Doesn't Tinder Kindle InterActiveCorp'S Fire?

Interactive Corp Presentation – Long Tinder: IRA Sohn Conference 2015 [Slides]

    This is old news. I'd bit a little shocked if this happened anytime soon (although I could be wrong...they may be desperate to make it happen. If they did try and push it through it would be rather bearish in my opinion, as to me it would suggest Match is about to fall off a cliff and they want to cash in while they can)

    Three problems from my vantage point. 
    One: they have a ton of "unallocated corporate expense" that makes all their segments look more profitable than they really are. If you split the companies up, you probably actually have to add MORE expense (reverse synergies), and you'd have to allocate that corporate expense somewhere. Now, this happens in any split (although I would argue it's way more severe for IACI), so maybe this piece isn't a dealbreaker.
    Second, though, is what you have leftover of core IACI when you do this. It's basically a bunch of junky businesses that are either money losing or declining and secularly challenged. IACI is able to hide some of this via Match profitability.
    Third, by their own admission, Match is in "a transition year." It would be weird to me if they tried to pull off this split during a self admitted transition year.

    It took my breath away a little bit with how much they are charging for Tinder. I'm not sure what to make of it. They must think they have a certain small % cohort who will pay almost anything to swipe. I continue to think Tinder is by far the least efficient way to find a date online.
 "they may be desperate to make it happen. "
I replied: Perhaps they are desperate to make it happen.
Diller is over 73 and per recent photos he looks pretty haggard.
Perhaps someone inside the IAC knows he could die soon, and the IAC could collapse, because he is like a Godfather.