Friday, November 19, 2010

"The state of Internet in Argentina"

summary about the "The state of Internet in Argentina" from Comscore

* 13 million unique users -over 15 years old Home/Work Location- per month, great demand for news. (September 2010)
* The main activities of the Argentines on the Web is search, the use of social networking and e-mail.
* Unlike what happens in other markets, the country has high levels of demand for news and information on the Internet.
* An average Internet user in Argentina spent 25 hours online during September, consuming 1,810 pages of content and averaging 54 online visits during the month.
* Argentines spent more than 30 percent of their online time staying connected on Instant Messengers and Email sites.
* Microsoft Sites ranked as the most-visited Internet property with 12.2 million visitors, up 24 percent, followed by Google Sites (includes YouTube) with 11.6 million visitors, up 18 percent. Facebook ranked third with 10.7 million visitors, climbing 54 percent, as the social networking destination continued gain fans across the Latin America region.
* 7 of 10 Internet users in Argentina visited the News/Information category in September, with Grupo Clarín and Grupo La Nación leading as the most-visited destinations in the category.
* 25 percent of Argentines online visited a Travel site in September with local brand Despegar ranking as the top site.
* 3 out of 5 Argentines visited an online retail site in September with MercadoLibre leading the way as the top retail-oriented destination in the country.


Grupo Clarín owns the online dating site "Te Busco"
Grupo La Nación owns the online dating site "Zonacitas"
Both are low quality free/cheap online dating sites, performing mostly as search engines.

Meetic/Meetic Affinity?

They do not have traction or not have the traction they deserve here, in Argentina or other Latin American Country.
The Online Dating Market for serious daters remains enormous.

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