Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask & Answer"

"Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask & Answer" presentation from Morgan Stanley

slide #4 Top Internet Markets – 46% of Users in 5 Countries – China, USA, Brazil, India, Russia
Brazil is a Latin American country.
Match, Meetic, Be2 and others had been spending millions of U.S. Dollars since years and until now they do not understand the Latin American culture.

slide #17 Facebook's 620MM Users + Under-Monetized Like Connections Offer Significant New Ad Opportunities

slide #19: Online Ad CPM Dislocation?
A CPM could be very low on Social Networking but I think the most interesting indicator is CTR

slide #28: Top Global 15 Publicly Traded Internet Companies by Market Value – 2010 vs. 2004
(IAC/Interactive USA sure suffered from lack of innovation)

slide #30: "Apple literally was failing when Steve went back and re-infused the innovation and risk- taking that have been phenomenal"

That shows it is not *team work*, sometimes you need a brilliant mind that behaves like a dictator, a tyrant, a despot.

slide #42: USA Federal Government – Entitlement Spending + Interest Expense are Forecast to Exceed Revenue by 2025, per Congressional Budget Office

I think a major economic crisis is going to unleash in the Northern Hemisphere much earlier.

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