Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ABOUT Science of Love series presents Helen Fisher,

‘leading expert on love and attraction’

During December 2004, Dr. Helen Fisher was contacted by the people from Match to create Chemistry, the last innovation at Match, a compatibility matching method.

Please remember: the Chemistry personality test designed by Dr. Helen Fisher during 2004 is IPSATIVE, and not NORMATIVE.
It is only useful for entertainment purposes.

I remember I had seen two draft papers from Chemistry:
The first clearly shows:
a) that Chemistry has a low successful "1.2.3 MEET in person step-by-step process", low successful first meeting rate for its members.
b) its matching method only reported early stage attraction between prospective mates and after the first meeting; in some persons attraction reduces its level OR worse even, morphs/metamorphoses to rejection. i.e. it is working only for short term mating!!!

The second shows:
a) the high serotonin type (Builder) who is attracted to people like themselves and the high dopamine type (Explorer) who also is attracted to people like themselves, could be looking for a LONG term romantic relationship.
b) the high estrogen Negotiator who is attracted to the high testosterone Director and vice versa, could be looking for a SHORT term romantic relationship.

The persons who used Chemistry, meet in person, and after that want to continue dating, is only a very small percentage of them. Less than 6% reach the first meeting in person stage. Of that 6% who reach the first meeting in person stage, not known exactly the percentage of persons who want to continue dating, but I suspect it is very low.

The key to long-lasting romance is STRICT PERSONALITY SIMILARITY and not "meet other people with similar interests".

Chemistry by Dr. Helen Fisher, REDESIGNED

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