Friday, June 11, 2010

PlentyOfFish Marriage Predictor

I had checked the new changes at the PlentyOfFish Marriage Predictor and I suspect there is no PhD, no predictive modeling specialist, no mathematical genius at all behind that predictor. It is only home grown!!!

"This list of users is generated from a statistical model based on thousands of successful couples who have taken our chemistry test. Our statistical model picks matches that we're especially confident in. We believe the following are users that you will most likely date and maybe marry! Predicted Match Score is directly output from our model. The higher the score the more likely you are to date that user, the average user has 1000 potential matches in the system, making the 40 listed here your top 4% of matches. The scale is not out of 100 so don't freak out if your best match has a Predicted Ideal Match Score of .01" ???

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