Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jazzed, launched August 2010.

Jazzed, launched August 2010.
the failed free social dating site from eHarmony

It is entirely free
It is social
It is intended to search
but failed

Some time ago, January 2009, the IAC (Match/Chemistry) had launched and closed a free dating site named DownToEarth (then rebranded to STiR and closed).
The owners of the free online dating site PlentyOfFish had launched by September 2010 a paid site called eVow and failed.

Is there a curse in the online dating industry?
free sites can not launch paid sites and success.
paid sites can not launch free sites and success.

Is it a coincidence that just the most popular post on this blog is?. guess "Jazzed (eHarmony) & eVow (PlentyOfFish)"

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