Sunday, October 28, 2012

PAPER: "Personality Types and Marital Satisfaction"

Interesting new, fresh paper "Personality Types and Marital Satisfaction"

Many studies show that the basic personality factors of neuroticism, extroversion, and conscientiousness are important predictors of marital satisfaction. However, little is known about their combined effects. The configurations of the basic personality factors form eight personality types: spectating, insecure, sceptical, brooding, hedonistic, impulsive, entrepreneurial, and complicated (Torgersen, 1995). In this article, we examine the role of personality types in estimating the level of marital satisfaction. One hundred sixty-four married couples completed questionnaires on the NEO (Neuroticism-Extroversion-Openness) Personality Inventory-Revised to determine their personality types and ENRICH (ENriching Relationships Issues, Communication and Happiness). The two-way ANOVA test showed that the entrepreneurial and hedonistic personality types, both men and women, which are characterized by a combination of low neuroticism and high extroversion, presented higher scores on marital satisfaction. Among males, the sceptical type gained the same level of marital satisfaction as the hedonistic type. Conversely, sceptical women reported the least marital satisfaction scores. Moreover, among men, the insecure type, which is a combination of high neuroticism and low extroversion, reported the lowest marital satisfaction; among women, the insecure type reported a level of marital satisfaction just above that of the skeptical type. This research could open a new window for premarital studies.

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