Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Book about Tinder - Bumble war. Bumble by Badoo (Russian Mafia of hackers & spies)

Alexa Dell, Sean Rad’s ex-girlfriend and heiress to the Dell computer fortune. When she reached Dell, Wolfe learned “a book was being shopped around” about her legal battle with Tinder and personal life, and that she should expect a “takedown story” coming soon from Terrill. She didn’t know when it was happening, or where it would be published—only that she was once again a target.

It’s this audio recording that Terrill says is proof that Whitney Wolfe is not who she says she is—neither a victim nor a co-founder, but a fraud who parlayed a sex lawsuit into a career boost and fame.


Bumble was backed by Badoo to destroy Tinder.

Russian billionaire backer of Bumble who is also in the spyware business.

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