Friday, January 6, 2017

article: Fraud and identity theft a real problem for online dating sites!

USA FBI announced that “John Edward TAYLOR allegedly trolled dating websites to find unsuspecting women for his ‘romance’ scam, designed to steal their money.”

TAYLOR contacted victims using online matchmaking and networking websites, such as Match, eHarmony, Craigslist, and Seeking Arrangement. 

WP article: In 2017, dating apps will get more selective.

eHarmony Australia says: Dating SIX partners at once is now NORMAL

Soon you will see online dating scam victims hiring hackers and private investigators to fight back bad online dating sites, destroying them from inside, ala AshleyMadison case!

eHarmony reinforces security 

Please remember also: In the case of Yuliana Avalos and Melissa Midwest former 2014 big lawsuit againts Match Group, third-party scammers in Africa or wherever were creating fake profiles and catfishing with them.
IAC and Match Group were essentially aware of that situation and did nothing to stop it.
The USA Court ruled that IAC and Match Group were not responsible.
Attorney Evan Spencer, said that despite the fact that anti-scammer technology is available, Match Group failed to use such things as face-recognition software – which would have discovered that Yuliana Avalos's pictures were being used hundreds of times.
Yuliana Avalos has argued in a former 2014 big lawsuit against Match that photos of her were posted without her permission on the site as part of a scam that drove a man to commit suicide.


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