Friday, October 1, 2010

A 52 page report from ComScore

A 52 page report from ComScore

That report clearly shows:

* The daters who pay for Match/Chemistry (revenue: USD 350 million) and eHarmony (revenue: 280 million) are nearly the same ones who want to use PlentyOfFish for free.
Slide # 9.

* The Online Dating Market remains enormous.
Slides # 9, 36, 37 and 47.

* The people involved in that U.S. Dating Survey say PlentyofFish is for casual dating (short term relationships); Chemistry and eHarmony are seen for serious dating (long term relationships)
"Dislikes include the perception that the match results are weak, the site (PlentyofFish) has poor quality people, and that there are too few contacts."
Slides # 23, 14 and 33.

* It confirms Online daters always opt for sameness (when they search) more often than chance would predict.
Slide # 19.

* PerfectMatch IS NOT mentioned in that report.

* The report does not mention the former PlentyOfFish Chemistry Predictor, nor the actual PlentyOfFish Marriage Predictor. They are both FLAWED compatibility matching proposals for long term relationships.

* "Research Objectives:
– To establish the percentage of marriages and long-term relationships that were
formed as a result of matches from online dating websites."
Slide # 3.

but I have not seen any number in all the report, any success rate indicator.

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