Saturday, March 5, 2011

DoskonalaPara review

DoskonalaPara is another HOAX in the Online Dating Industry, with any Scientific Proof (uses an IPSATIVE personality test)

Alexa shows has no traffic at all.

The brain behind that compatibility system is Radoslaw Jerzy Utnik [ M.Psych (Hons, Clinical), MBA, BBA (Hons)]

It has 3 tests:
* Test 1: Personality
* Test 2: Style of work
* Test 3: Social Relationships

Only the Personality test is used to match you with prospective partners. The other tests are optative.
The Personality test (35 questions) is only an IPSATIVE instrument quite similar as the one used in Chemistry, classifies your personality in 4 broad types, like the ones used at Chemistry (Explorers, Builders, Negotiators and Directors)
It seems the names in Polish, translated to English, are
Mediator (Negotiator)
Organizer (Director)
Creator (Builder)
Realist (Explorer)

Some Screenshots:

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