Wednesday, January 4, 2012

eHarmony claims 12 million users and Match Latam, 30 million

In 2012 eHarmony claims 12 million users.
In Latin America, Match claims 30 million users.

But how many of those 12 million users claimed by eHarmony are active?
My bet: less than 1 million, so 1M/12M is 8.33%.
8.33% of eHarmony's database is useful.
The rest, 11 million are inactive or fake profiles!!!

As for Match Latam, which also owns Meetic (ParPerfeito in Brazil), my bet is: only 200,000 paying members in Latin American countries (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador)
200,000/30M is 0.67%, i.e. less than 1% of Match Latam database is useful.

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