Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The top 5 papers you should urgently read

"Perceptions of Ideal and Former Partners' Personality and Similarity"
Pieternel Dijkstra / Dick P. H. Barelds / University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Individuals clearly desire a potential partner with a similar personality.
.. educate people, especially singles, about what really matters in long-term relationships, for instance, similarity in personality, instead of complementarity.


"Assortative mating, convergence, and satisfaction in married couples" 2010
Gonzaga, Carter and Buckwalter from eHarmony Labs
"This work investigates assortative mating and convergence in personality and their effect on marital satisfaction. Measures of personality were collected from a sample of married couples before they met and twice after they were married. Results showed evidence for assortative mating but not for convergence in an average couple. Similarity and convergence in personality predicted later marital satisfaction. These results indicate that similarity and convergence in psychological characteristics may benefit relationships and that while spouses may choose partners with similar personalities they do not become more like their partners in the early part of their marriage."


"It's that time of the month: The effects of hormonal shifts on female mate value, depressive symptomology, and short term mating orientation." 2011 Heather Adams and Victor Luévano.

"Only the congruent survive - Personality similarities in couples. Personality and Individual Differences" Rammstedt & Schupp (2008).
"Results of another branch of research in the field of romantic relationships suggest that congruence between spouses leads to marriage satisfaction and marriage satisfaction in turn predicts a long_lasting partnership. Especially against the background of the increasing divorce rate in Germany, reaching over 50% during the last years, personality congruence between spouses might help to explain divorces. If this assumption holds, then long_lasting marriages are those in which the spouses are satisfied with their partnership to such a degree that they doprefer not to end it. If congruence is a good predictor of satisfaction then longer lasting marriages should be those with a higher level of congruence compared to shorter ones or – the other way round - congruent partnerships should be longer lasting on average than less congruent ones. This assumption was clearly supported by the present findings. The longer a marriage lasts the more congruent are the couples. This effect, however, was found to be true only for Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness but not for Extraversion and Emotional Stability."

"Enhancing Collaborative Filtering Systems with Personality Information" Rong Hu and Pearl Pu, 2011
Personality Based Recommender Systems are the next generation of recommender systems because they perform FAR better than Behavioural ones (past actions and pattern of personal preferences)
That is the only way to improve recommender systems, to include the personality traits of their users.

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