Monday, July 2, 2012

They do not want to innovate

This year I was the only person in the world who wrote about eHarmony Japan failure. OnlineDatingPost and OnlinePersonalsWatch had ignored that big new.

I was the one who suggested (in private emails) While Label Dating companies could be laundering money and soon they will be under fraud investigation by the FBI.

I was also the one who suggested (in private emails) an online dating company as the mafia behind big hacking incidents, as if they are related or have contacts with the "Russian hackers".

I had reviewed over 55 compatibility matching engines intended for serious dating since 2003, when I had discovered "the online dating sound barrier" problem.

Since some years ago I had been secretly assisting lawyers who sue online dating sites for fake/inactive profiles, sending them screenshots and other valuable information. I continue and incentivize them to sue online dating sites for fraud.

Since some years ago I had been secretly denouncing several online dating sites for fraud at several Consumers' Associations worldwide (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Brazil and many other countries).

I continually contact the writers / journalists who write articles in several newspapers/magazines sending them my point of view, saying why the entire Online Dating Industry for serious daters in 1st World Countries is a HOAX, performing as a Big Online Casino, with a low effectiveness/efficiency level of their matching algorithms (less than 10%).

Since 2005 I had been heavily contacting Academics. All the new and fresh research is over my desk. Nearly all the Researchers know who I am.

Executives from old competitors and newbies: I had contacted all of them and they are very comfortable attracting, converting and retaining subscribers with automatic renewal of their subscriptions and other credit-card billing trickery, than offering a good compatibility matching method. They really do not want to innovate.
I had called eHarmony's Team and IAC Personals' Team (Match, Chemistry, OkCupid and others) as a group of fools who do not want to innovate in nothing.

Some dissatisfied daters from eHarmony,  True, Meetic, Parship, Chemistry, PerfectMatch, PlentyOfFish, Be2, and other sites had been contacting me with complaints. I encourage them to denounce those dating sites in  Consumers' Associations.

Investors: I had been contacting them since 2001. They had been fascinated by social networking utilities and mobile applications but very few had invested in online dating sites. So I had contacted the ones which invested in Engage, Be2,  and others and said "hey, you had wasted your money". And when a new investment is done I send them an email saying "stupid investor series, today: you"

Hackers: I am not involved with them but I suspect they read my blog.

I had understood -in 2003- first and better than anybody the "online dating sound barrier" phenomenon, but it took several years to me to understand that sometimes you can not launch anything new without destroying pre-existent proposals.

How I can make more noise in the Online Dating Industry?

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