Friday, July 6, 2012

UPDATE eHarmony passwords incident.

Cold Winter here in South America.

Just testing eHarmony (USA site) in these Free Communication long WeekEnd and discovered eHarmony does not allow (NOW) a password longer than 14 characters.

Latest hacking incident was highly publicized mainly because many users/clients used the combination EHARM or HARMONY or EHARMONY as part of their passwords.

When several security analysts decrypted some of those stolen passwords, they found the combination HARMONY or EHARMONY or patterns of either (d=digit): ddEHARMdd, ddddEHARM, or EHARMdddd, and guess, perhaps they had called eHarmony to tell them, but of course, as every hacking incident, all the rubbish was swept under the carpet.
eHarmony's Team had not solved nothing.

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