Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tinder launched first video ad campaign ?

Tinder Is Getting Into The Music Game?

Tinder would be worth USD1.6 billion as a standalone business ?

From latest IAC-InterActiveCorp (IACI) Q4 2014 - Earnings Call Transcript someone told me:
"I read through the conference call. Lots of excuses and hand waving...they've already thrown in the towel on 2015 and are now trying to say 2016 will be the great year.
Tinder monetization testing is "solid" which is code for "much worse than we expected.""

and about Match Group spin-off

Remember IAC full year 2010 FORM 10-K SEC ?
Risk Factors at page 12 to 21:
* Mr. Diller owns a significant percentage of the voting power of the stock and will be able to exercise significant influence over the composition of the Board or Directors.


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