Thursday, July 16, 2015

RESEARCH Online Courtship: Interpersonal Interactions Across Borders


The Pre-History of Print and Online Dating, c. 1690-1990

Dating Maps: Mapping Love in Online Dating Communities 

Old and New Methods for Online Research: The Case of Online Dating 

The Virtual Nightclub: Adolescents from Low-Income Sectors Search for Their Couples through Facebook 

'Dating' or 'Escaping'? Cuban Profiles in Dating Websites 

Self-presentation in the Portuguese Online Dating Scene:
Does Gender Matter? 

Liberalism Conquering Love: Reports and Reflections
on Mass Romantic and Consumption in the Internet Age 

The Advertising and Profit Model of Leading Dating Sites in China: A Comparison of Jianyuan, Baihe and Zhenai’s Targeting and Advertising 

Remediating the Matchmaker:
Arranging Marriage Online in the South Asian Diaspora in America 

From Arranged to Online: A Study of Courtship Culture in India 

The Role of Places and Symbols: A Cultural Interpretation of the On-line Dating Experience in Israel 

Stranger Stranger or Lonely Lonely? Young Chinese and Dating Apps Between the Locational, the Mobile and the Social 

What Are The Shengv Looking for in Online Heterosexual Dating and Courtship? A Content Analysis of Shanghainese Women’s Personal Profiles on Jiayuan

Keeping it Unreal - Online Dating with Chinese Characteristics 

Talking To Strangers: Temporality, Identity and Politics
in Live Webcam Sex Channels 

Performative Acts of Gender in Online Dating:
An Auto-ethnography Comparing Sites 

Media’s Effect on Online Dating Practices:
Turkish TV Marriage Programs and Online Dating as a Medium

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