Monday, February 15, 2016

article: "Are you going to get hacked while looking for love online?"

When UpGuard used its Website Risk Grader on some of  “the world’s top dating sites,” they were met with some disappointing and rather alarming results. Websites can earn a maximum score of 950 based on “publicly accessible security factors, such as whether SSL is enabled, whether cookies are secure, how easily someone could falsify communication as the company and a number of other factors.” The lower the score, the higher the potential for security breaches.

eHarmony, one of the most famous (and perhaps oldest) of the dating sites, scored just 504, and PlentyOfFish, whose mobile application allows for use anytime, scored just 361. Even better known sites like Match could stand for some improvement — it scored a 741, with UpGuard noting that the site lacks “HSTS, secure cookies, and DNSSEC.”

FBI Warns Online Daters: Don't Be OKStupid

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