Monday, August 8, 2016

article / paper: Male Tinder Users Tend to Have Poor Self-Esteem

about article "I had to ditch all the dating apps so I could find love"

research: About The Use of Dating Apps

article and paper: Dating Apps Are Basically Useless For Finding Dates, Says Sad New Study

Facebook’s Algorithm Changes Leave Dating Apps Frustrated By Reach Restrictions.

article " I tried all the dating apps so you don't have to "

Law article suggests USA FTC goes for Match Group ?

PAPER A First Look at User Activity on Tinder

Why Dating On Facebook Is Better Than Dating On Tinder?

Security issues in mobile dating applications: attacks, malware and phishing. (via singleboersen-vergleich)

Social dating is vaporware.
Online Dating for serious daters does not need to be more social, it needs to be more effective/efficient.
It needs to reduce the false positives problem and big data dating IS NOT the key to long-lasting romance.

The key to long-lasting romance is STRICT PERSONALITY SIMILARITY and not "meet other people with similar interests". 

Lack Of Innovation & Decadence can summarize the Online Dating Industry.
The Secret Sauce Behind Online Dating ? There is no one yet!

The Online Dating Industry does not need a 10% improvement, a 50% improvement or a 100% improvement. It does need "a 100 times better improvement"

 All other proposals are NOISE and perform as placebo.    

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