Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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The ‘Mobile Only’ Audience
Latest UKOM approved comScore data shows that in December 2016, three quarters (74%) of online adults are now multi-platform – that is they use both a laptop or desktop AND a mobile device – either a smartphone or tablet – to access the internet.  The remainder access via either desktop only (16%) or mobile only (10%).  The theory that large swathes of Britons are deserting the desktop in favour of mobile devices does not seem to stack up. comScore data over the last 2 years shows that desktop audiences and time online is flat. However, although most of the UK adult online population is not in a rush to abandon the desktop, the 4 million who are currently ‘mobile only’ is not an insignificant number.

UKOM Digital Market Overview - December 2016

74% of adults are multi-platform but this is lower among social class A, who are more likely to only use the desktop and social class E who are more likely to only use a mobile. 1 in 10 adults are now mobile only but this is higher among females (12%) than males (7%).

comScore: The State of Digital 2017

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Please do not mistake mobile with smartphone. Notebook with WiFi is a mobile device.  

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