Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Match Group, Inc. (MTCH) 2016 Annual report

Annual report which provides a comprehensive overview of the company for the past 2016 year

Big debt due to the acquisition of PlentyOfFish.

The Match Group overpaid for PlentyOfFish (It was insane, USD575 Million for PlentyOfFish that past its prime 3 years ago). The Match Group had been doing all wrong, acquiring rotten companies to show illusory success to its investors.

Big war between Tinder and Badoo, and internal war inside Match - Tinder, if Tinder is cannibalizing Match.

Also complaints about Match dot com suggest ... database is full of old & inactive profiles, scammers, fake profiles, etc!

We are waiting for MTCH (Match Group) big hacking incident revealing if they create / created fake profiles from inside.

Soon you will see online dating scam victims hiring hackers and private investigators to fight back bad online dating sites, destroying them from inside, ala AshleyMadison case!   

From Alexa and SimilarWeb: 2017 worst year ever for the Online Dating Industry??? 
Alexa and SimilarWeb show the rising tide is not happening for Online Dating Industry 2017

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