Sunday, March 12, 2017

If Soulmate dating game from Viaan Studios never launched?

Soulmate is a social dating game. Cupid is your artificial intelligence integrated friend who mentors you to help you find your SOULMATE.

If Viaan Studios, an independent AAA game developer in India, plans to copycat eHarmony?

DatePlay, a couple of months to develop an Android version?

Social dating is vaporware.
The Online Dating Industry does not need any improvement. It does need INNOVATIONS!

eHarmony just closed eH+ (eHarmony Plus), please see by your own!

Inverse spike after New Year's Eve ? (via Alexa)

Please read: The 8 tips to innovate in the Online Dating Industry!

Very easy to copycat eHarmony, but very difficult to innovate: a 100 times better algorithm than eHarmony.

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