Friday, March 31, 2017

PAPER: Who is dating and gaming online?
Categorizing, profiling, and predicting online daters and gamers

Computers in Human Behavior Volume 73, August 2017, Pages 152–160


Online daters and gamers have sociodemographic differences in their profiles.
• Negative attitudes exert a significant impact on online dating and gaming as much as positive attitudes do.
• The curvilinear effect of age is present for online dating but not for online gaming.

This analysis of U.S.-based survey data from the Pew Research Center profiles and categorizes online daters and gamers to determine the factors predicting whether an individual has experience of online dating or gaming. The profiles of online daters and gamers show sociodemographic differences by user type (both daters and gamers, daters only, gamers only, and neither daters nor gamers). Attitudinal differences are also identified across those user types and sociodemographic categories. The binary logistic regression analysis found that positive and negative attitudes about online dating and gaming exert a significant influence on whether an individual has experience with either.

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