Friday, March 10, 2017

eHarmony just closed ElevatedCareers, please see by your own!

eHarmony Seeks Buyer for Job Matching Site Elevated Careers

Irreconcilable Differences: eHarmony and Elevated Careers File for Divorce.

GoodBye ElevatedCareers by eHarmony Inc.

eHarmony failed in Brazil
eHarmony failed in Japan  (and revealed its secret sauce by mistake)

eHarmony is a 16+ years old obsolete site. The success rate of eHarmony is less than 10%.
eHarmony is only supported by a big marketing budget and not by serious scientific evidence.

ElevatedCareers by eHarmony WILL FAIL

ElevatedCareers by eHarmony / It is a HOAX, a FRAUD, it only overpromises. 

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