Friday, September 8, 2017

Bumble currently has 52 employees - 42 of whom are women - mostly based at its USA Texas HQ.
So, with the help of Andrey Andreev, the Russian CEO of Badoo (the world's No 1 dating network), Bumble was born.

Bumble DID NOT Turn Down USD 450 Million Buyout Offer From Match Group

More about Bumble - Match Group war
Be alerted, be informed Bumble is backed by Badoo (80%, majority-owned by Badoo)

Bumble revenue in the range of USD 150 Million for 2018

Tinder Boost feature in 2016 same as Badoo in 2006, 10 years ago!

Social dating is vaporware.  

Please notice Tinder is in big war with Badoo, and can not outperform it.
The mission of Tinder was to kill Badoo, but it seems Tinder is killing Match.

When Match Group (fka IAC Personals) bought OKCupid (6+ years ago) for an astronomical amount of money, the OKCupid team had the task to copycat Badoo, but they failed in that mission.
IAC / Match Group "acquired" HatchLabs to "develop" Tinder copycat of Badoo.
Then Badoo backed Bumble to fight back and destroy Tinder (last December 2014).

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