Thursday, September 21, 2017

DNARomance introduces chemistry to online dating through DNA analysis ???

"Our app is designed to combine analysis of DNA profiles and Myers–Briggs personality types of our members to forecast a prospective relationships compatibility and possibilities for true love."
MBTI (Myers–Briggs personality types) is an OBSOLETE IPSATIVE TEST
Please do not mistake the OBSOLETE IPSATIVE TEST MBTI
with the NORMATIVE Cattell 16PF test

The Swiss 16PT is NOT the same as the 16PF5 test

HOAX ALERT! Today: DNA Romance

Unless they can prove their method can match prospective partners who will have more stable and satisfying relationships (and very low divorce rates) than couples matched by chance, astrological destiny, personal preferences, searching on one's own, or other technique as the control group in a peer reviewed Scientific Paper for the majority (over 90%) of the members of the site: It is a HOAX, a big FRAUD. 

"Mr Right or Ms Right" OR The one or your soulmate or the perfect match does not exist!
It will only exist a pool of compatible persons, not more than that.
No online dating site can promise you to find "the one" or "your soulmate" or a "perfect match".
Moreover the person you are looking for does not exist or if it exist, he/she does not want to meet you because your are not compatible.
What is important in attracting people to one another may not be important in making couples happy. The key to long-lasting romance: COMPATIBILITY is exactly STRICT PERSONALITY SIMILARITY and not "meet other people with similar interests or political views".

Online Dating sites have very big databases, in the range of 20,000,000 (twenty million) profiles, so the Big Five model or the HEXACO model are not enough for predictive purposes. That is why I suggest the 16PF5 test instead and another method to calculate similarity.

High precision in matching algorithms is precisely the key to open the door and leave the infancy of compatibility testing.
Without offering the NORMATIVE 16PF5 (or similar test measuring exactly the 16 personality factors) for serious dating, it will be impossible to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry.

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