Thursday, September 16, 2010

eVow's compatibility matching system

"eVow uses a innovative compatibility matching system, we created specifically for people who are serious about finding long-term partnerships. It is a unique relationship site for singles who are serious about finding that special someone and are ready to share their values and expectations with like-minded people."

eVow's compatibility matching system does not have any scientific proof. I suspect it is only "home grown" based on similar interests, values and birth order item.
It does not include any personality assessment nor personality similarity calculation.
eVow's compatibility matching system asks if you have or not children, if you are living with your children or not, but to my surprise does not ask about your pets.

Birth order item is useless at all.

Birth order item is also used at the PlentyOfFish Marriage Predictor.
"When you were a kid your perception of love and how you perceive love was shaped by your parents and your siblings.
We want to dramatically improve our matching system by taking into account your childhood environment"

Eastwick and Finkel (2008), also Kurzban and Weeden (2007), Todd, Penke, Fasolo, and Lenton (2007) found that people often report partner preferences that are not compatible with their choices in real life!

Latest Research in Theories of Romantic Relationships Development outlines: compatibility is all about a high level on personality similarity between prospective mates for long term mating with commitment.


The Online Dating Industry is selling elixirs, tonics, snake oil liniments and other patent medicine.
Patent medicines were preparations that often contained various ingredients such as opium and alcohol and claimed to cure many if not all diseases. Early drug manufacturers made their own formulations and marketed them under a variety of names.
Pharmacists or Doctors would set up a small building with tablet machines or ointment mills and began manufacturing their drugs. This went on without any interference from any government agency. One could make any claim and engage in drug making without any credentials.
With time the growing pharmaceutical companies were required to prove the safety of their drugs but not efficacy. But by the 1960's efficacy as well as safety were required to be shown for a drug to remain on the market.

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