Thursday, May 27, 2010

PlentyOfFish and Birth Order Item

PlentyOfFish is now asking 2 new questions:

"When you were a kid your perception of love and how you perceive love was shaped by your parents and your siblings.
We want to dramatically improve our matching system by taking into account your childhood environment, Please enter the following

My birth father and mother are:
Still Married
Seperated (I had copied it exactly)
One died
Both died
Not Together

and they had
1 Child
2 Children
3 Children
4 Children
5 Children
6 Children
7 Children
8 Children
9 Children

together of which I am
second born
third born
fourth born
fifth born
sixth born
seven born
eight born
ninth born

When it comes to dating what best describes your intent?
1. I'm looking for Casual dating/No Commitment.
2. I want to date but nothing serious.
3. I want a relationship.
4. I am putting in serious effort to find someone.
5. I am serious and I want to find someone to marry.

"Update my Birth Order"

Soon the brains at the new PlentyOfFish test will discover that including the Birth Order Item is useless at all, a complete waste of time, it adds more "noise than signal" to the predictor they are tuning.

If you are using PlentyOfFish, have you noticed the misspellings made by Mr. Frind?
If he can make those kind of mistakes typing words, what kind of mistakes does he make in math formulas?
(this screenshot from Jan2008)
See also the welcome message. Nobody is going to take PlentyOfFish for serious dating.

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