Wednesday, May 19, 2010

THESIS Doing Love Online in Vancouver CANADA

THESIS Doing Love Online in Vancouver CANADA

"Doing Love Online: Performative Gender and the Urban Everyday" in Vancouver CANADA valid for Online Dating sites with Powerful Searching Engines or Matching based on Self-Reported Data – Bidirectional Recommendation Engines and NOT for Online Dating Sites offering Compatibility Matching Algorithms

"I began research in January 2007 and continued for eight months.
The most popular online dating sites in Vancouver among my participants, who were between the ages of 21-57, were Lavalife, PlentyofFish, and Craigslist – in that order. I focused on what it means to online date – that is, the practices, both mundane (answering emails, setting up coffee dates) to the more life-changing (meeting a partner, getting married) that go into what we call online dating. Similarly, I was interested in the identity construction that goes on in online dating practices – that is, constructing yourself into a quality date online and how these practices were particularly bound up in power relations that are aligned with societally appropriate ideas of proper gendered, sexualized, racialized, aged, classed, and abled identities.

Appendix D. Participant Demographics at pages 182 - 183
40 Participants, Includes 4 shadowed participants

How successful were these dating sites?
I do not have a comment on the success of online dating sites as this is not what I studied. If success is marked by the presence of hetero-romantic love matches, then the closer an online dater constructed themselves along properly gendered lines, for example, the more likely they were to find successful love matches. "

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