Thursday, December 2, 2010

Match Japan / brief review

eHarmony plans to enter the Japanese market, Match has its Japanese version since 2002.
Match Japan is like Match Venus or Match Mars or Match in the Moon.
Very few Japanese are using Match (it also includes Chemistry as well, optative)
You can check traffic and rank from Alexa, it is not an independent domain name, it is the subdomain

Match's Worldwide Traffic Rank = Japan 1,810, it means does not exist.
Where Visitors Go on Match = 2.5% of Site Traffic go to

Remember, Dec 27, 2006 interview at Online Personals Watch, the former CEO of Match had said:
".. a matchmaker for Match Platinum.... ..We'll also be piloting this in several international markets as well, specifically Japan and the UK. " but Match can never exploit the Japanese Market.

Match Japan is like a flag in the Moon.

Yahoo Babel Fish translates far better than Google Translate.
Check both translations from Japanese to English.

The homepage shows you a link to the last event, the Feb 9th 2010 Valentine Day!!!

The profiles are quite similar to the USA site, but the Japanese can add up to 7 certificates to increase reliability of their profiles.
Human proof: a copy of driver's license, health insurance, passports.
Address proof: inhabitant vote, invoices from different services.
Working proof: Employee proof
Earnings proof: The withholding certificate which can prove the earnings of the preceding year, the final return, either one of the certificates for paid taxes.
Graduation proof: Diploma or graduation certificate.
Celibacy proof: The celibacy certificate from certificate for marriage information service / marriage consultation trader.
Credit card proof: When charge service of match is purchased (purchase with credit card certification), credit card proof becomes effective.

My computer does not have the Japanese fonts installed, anyway I do not understand Japanese.

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