Friday, May 27, 2011

Argentines are the most from Latin America who use social networks.

The Argentines are the most from Latin America who use social networks.
Full article at IAE CIMEL
54.9% Argentineans
47.9% Brazileans
41.0% Mexicans
usually log in to social networks.

Argentineans use mostly Facebook, not only for socialize but also for search and chat purposes.
In all three countries, it imposes a social use of Internet (66% for Argentina), followed by work (29%), study (23%), games (10%), recreation (5%), seeking information (9% ) and shopping (3%). In the case of social networks, the favorite activities of Argentines are uploading photos (81%), update the status (59%), discuss (82%), seeking information (48%), upload and view videos (38% ), join groups (36%), play (34%), information about events (31%), sharing publications (24%), comment on current events (22%) and receive information about releases (15%).
Social networks are also the most popular activity among those who access the Internet from the cell at a rate of 75.9% among users. In Mexico the percentage is 60% and 53% in Brazil.
Another fact: more than a third of Argentines of segments related to technology follow a brand in a social network.

The researchers did not use classical concepts of natives or digital immigrants and created new categories.
So they identified those living the technology as a "means"(42.9% of the Argentines), a tool that provides comfort and, although essential, do not feel absorbed. 
Followed by those who perceive the technology as "alien" (34%) and finally those who live as "self" (23.2%), and that permeates all aspects of your life: sleep, leisure and sociability.
In Brazil, the highest percentage (39.1%) were the "self", while in Mexico the majority (55.5%) feels technology as "alien".

Among the Argentineans highlights two subcategories: the "sociodigitales" (9.2%), immersed in the digital reality but with "a life beyond the technology" and "tecnoholic"(14%), aware of the negative impact that Internet in your personal life "less leisure or face to face with their friends" could not live without it.

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