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TOP papers for the Online Dating Industry

TOP scientific papers for the Online Dating Industry

TOP researchers are Drs. Dick P. H. Barelds & Pieternel Dijkstra

1- "Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? A Differential Approach to Similarity Effects in the Association Between Personality Traits and Life Satisfaction in Intimate Relationships" 2011
Katrin Furler & Veronica Gomez.
2- "Personality similarity between self, partner and parents" 2011
Dick P. H. Barelds & Pieternel Dijkstra.
3- "An assessment of positive illusions of the physical attractiveness of romantic partners" 2011
Dick P. H. Barelds, Pieternel Dijkstra, Namkje Koudenburg and Viren Swami.
4- "Perceptions of Ideal and Former Partners' Personality and Similarity" 2010
Pieternel Dijkstra / Dick P. H. Barelds.
5- "Personality similarity, perceptual accuracy, and relationship satisfaction in dating and married couples" 2011
Mieke Decuyper, Marleen De Bolle and Filip De Fruyt.
6- "Goal Complementarity in Intimate Relationships: Is Couples' Perception of Acting in Concert Positively Related to Subjective Well-Being?" 2011
Karin Stadler & Veronica Gomez.
7- "It's that time of the month: The effects of hormonal shifts on female mate value, depressive symptomology, and short term mating orientation." 2011
Heather Adams and Victor Luévano.
8- "The Relations Between Actual and Perceived Similarity in Personality" 2011
Jessica Wortan & Dustin Wood.
9- "Similarity predicts relationship satisfaction in Brazil" 2011
Erina Lee, Gian Gonzaga.

10- "Assortative mating, convergence, and satisfaction in married couples" 2010
Gian Gonzaga, Steve Carter and J. Galen BuckWalter.
11- "Predicting relationship and life satisfaction from personality in nationally representative samples from three countries: the relative importance of actor, partner, and similarity effects." 2010
Portia Dyrenforth et al.
12- "Why Mate Choices are not as Reciprocal as we Assume: The Role of Personality, Flirting and Physical Attractiveness" 2010
Lars Penke, et al.
13- "What lies beneath: The linguistic traces of deception in online dating profiles. Journal of Communication." 2010
Toma, C. & Hancock, J.T.
14- "Genetic and environmental influences on personality trait stability and growth during the transition to adulthood: A three wave longitudinal study." 2010
Hopwood, C.J., Donnellan, M.B., Blonigen, D.M., Krueger, R.F., McGue, M., Iacono, W.G., & Burt, S.A.
15- "Is spousal similarity for personality a matter of convergence or selection?" 2010
Mikhila N. Humbad, M. Brent Donnellan, William G. Iacono et al.
16- "From Dating to Mating and Relating: Predictors of Initial and Long-Term Outcomes of Speed-Dating in a Community Sample" 2010
Lars Penke, et al.
17- "The attraction–similarity model and dating couples: Projection, perceived similarity, and psychological benefits" 2010
Marian M. Morry, Mie Kito and Lindsey Ortiz.

18- "Personality influences on marital satisfaction: Integrating the empirical evidence using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model (APIM) model" 2009
Charania & Ickes.
19- "Does the contraceptive pill alter mate choice in humans?" 2009
Alvergne & Lummaa.

20- "Human oestrus" 2008
Gangestad & Thornhill
21- "Only the congruent survive - Personality similarities in couples. Personality and Individual Differences" 2008
Rammstedt & Schupp. 
22- "Personality trait change in adulthood." 2008
Roberts, B. W. & Mroczek, D.
23- "Do People Know What They Want: A Similar or Complementary Partner?" 2008
Dick P. H. Barelds & Pieternel Dijkstra.
24- "Personality Trait Similarity Between Spouses in Four Cultures" 2008
McCrae, Martin, Hrebícková, Urbánek, Boomsma et al.
25- "Love at first sight or friends first? Ties among partner personality trait similarity, relationship onset, relationship quality, and love" 2007
Dick P. H. Barelds & Pieternel Dijkstra.
26- "Preferences for symmetry in faces change across the menstrual cycle." 2007
Little, A. C., Jones, B. C., Burt, D. M. & Perrett, D. I. 
27- "Assortative mating for perceived facial personality traits. Personality and Individual" 2006
Little, AC, Burt, DM & Perrett, DI.
28- "The ideal romantic partner personality" 2006
Figueredo, Sefcek & Jones.
29- "Social Structure and Personality Assortment Among Married Couples" 2006
Bekkers, van Aken & Denissen.


30- "A New Method for Dimensionality Reduction using K-Means Clustering Algorithm for High Dimensional Data Set" International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 13– No.7, January 2011
31- "Addressing the new user problem with a personality based user similarity measure" 2010
Marko Tkalcic, Matevz Kunaver, Andrej Kosir, Jurij Tasic
32- "Towards to Psychological-based Recommenders Systems: A survey on Recommender Systems" 2010
Maria Augusta Nunes
33- "Design and User Issues in Personality-based Recommender Systems" 2010
Rong Hu

If you are a researcher and you are not cited in this list, it is because you had fallen asleep!

Do you see how Latest Research in Theories of Romantic Relationships Development shows: compatibility is all about a high level on personality* similarity* between prospective mates for long term mating with commitment?
*personality measured with a normative test.
*similarity: there are different ways to calculate similarity, it depends on how mathematically is defined.

Also several studies showing contraceptive pills users make different mate choices, on average, compared to non-users and people often report partner preferences that are not compatible with their choices in real life [uncovered by Eastwick & Finkel (2008); Kurzban & Weeden (2007); Todd, Penke, Fasolo, & Lenton (2007)].

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