Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Research on Facebook and other social nets.

Some time ago Academics began to research on Facebook and other social nets to discover new trends in behaviour, like some posters/papers presented in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference 28-30 January 2010

* "Can you resist the temptation of Facebook: Asymmetrical Facebook-study association predicts academic performance"
* "The Effect of Personality Factors in Predicting Information Disclosure Online"
* "Frequent Facebook Use: Maladaptive Addiction or Healthy Social Strategy?"
* "People or Profiles?: Seeking Out or Warding Off the Perspectives of Others on Facebook"
* "ePersonality: Differential perceptions of personality during online and real-world social interactions"
* "Who are you on Facebook? The role of personality and gender in online social networking sites"
* "Using MySpace increases the endorsement of narcissistic personality traits"
* "Facebook Norms: How People use Facebook to Share and Connect with Others"
* "Personnel Selection, Facebook, and the Dilution Effect: Is More Information Really Better?"

More than a year later, it seems research on social nets is over.
Research had only discovered people who make an intensive use of social nets, had some personality disorders.

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