Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zoozamen Couple Compatibility Service

Raanan Haas is the brain and the Chief Scientific Officer at ZooZamen.

I remember I had reviewed their "Zoozamen Couple Compatibility Service"  last August 2009 at JDate, but as IT DOES NOT INCLUDE any personality test, it is useless at all. It is a HOAX.

"The Noa matching test offered by Zoozamen is a postmodern, behavioral, high validity and content specific matching test.
The algorithm is based on over ten years of vast research and hands-on experience in various markets and organizations.
The matching algorithm has been approved and is used by Israeli welfare agencies as a standard test implemented when testing couples for compatibility as foster parents.
The proposed model has been adapted specifically for Internet dating services.
The questionnaire: The questionnaire is based upon experience in the matching industry as well as current, specific psychological knowledge relating to dating issues.
The model: The model has been tested by local Israeli focal groups and has proven to be accurate, successful and well received by the audience.
Feedback: The overall impression and feedback of the focal group users has been extremely positive."

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