Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scams In China Make Typical U.S. Catfishing Seem Like a Really Cute Prank

One scam in particular is so genius that it’s scary. 
Step 1: A restaurant-owner hires an attractive woman. 
Step 2: The woman makes a dating profile. 
Step 3: The woman contacts a man via Jiayuan, whom she then convinces to take her on a date to the restaurant who hired her. 
Step 4: She racks up an exorbitant tab, ranging from USD100 to USD2,000. 
Step 5: The poor scammed schmuck never hears from her again, and is now significantly less wealthy. 
Unfortunately, this “date-for-profit” scam has happened to 57, 218 lonely people looking for love, according to the study.

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