Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ElevatedCareers by eHarmony WILL FAIL

ElevatedCareers by eHarmony delivers job matches as a machine gun shooting flowers (good for nothing, useless).

ElevatedCareers by eHarmony / It is a HOAX, a FRAUD, it only overpromises.

Who independently validated and independently certified the "personality test" used at ElevatedCareers?
It is home grown! It is not peer reviewed or published in any Scientific Paper.

Or is it based on the normative Big Five?
Please remember normative tests can not be simply translated, because you need the norm for those tests, and that norm is actualized each and every time Census Figures are released. 
The Big Five normative test had been proven/revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to assess/measure personality of persons.
The Big Five normative test had been replaced by HEXACO or Big Six test.

Moreover, the 16PF5 normative personality test, can predict better your job performance.

eHarmony, is a 15+ years old obsolete site and a HOAX, based on a big scientific fraud, only sustained by big marketing budget.

Misuse of normative tests by some online dating sites

BIG5 normative personality test is OBSOLETE

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