Thursday, November 3, 2016

comScore 2016 Global Digital Future in Focus

Key topics within the 2016 edition include:

  •     New implications of multi-platform on content and advertising
  •     How desktop consumption has evolved and remains relevant
  •     The rise of ‘mobile only’ audiences
  •     Challenges and rewards on the mobile app ‘battleground’
  •     Factors influencing platform selection
  •     Polarisation of audiences and behaviours across devices
  •     The rise of digital video across all platforms
Please do not mistake mobile with smartphone. Notebook with WiFi is a mobile device. 


Planning in a Multi-Platform World

Digital Future in Focus

REPORT: The State of Broadband 2016: Broadband Catalyzing Sustainable Development
Some fresh data from Alexa about major online dating sites in USA and CA

article: Half Of US Smartphone Users Don't Download New Apps

Article: "The app boom is over. Your phone is full of apps, and you're done downloading new ones."

Mobile-first but not mobile-only and comScore Digital Future in Focus

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