Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Match Group CEO talks she is going to feminize Tinder.
Tinder in war with Badoo - Bumble.
Badoo NOT ON SALE, Founder talks at GQ magazine

Ms. Mandy Ginsberg, CEO Of Match in 2 different BI articles?

Lack Of Innovation & Decadence can summarize the Online Dating Industry.
C-Level executives are more worried about their golf scores than their company’s long term strategy and innovations.
C-level executives are cooking barbecues under the water (selling smoke) and not paying attention to latest research from Academics which could be beneficial for the Online Dating Industry.

For me it is clear they do not want to innovate.
They want to squeeze their big databases to get all the juice (money) from the wallets of the daters.

study about online dating apps / via Forbes Feb 2018

Match Group (MTCH) Reports Full Year 2017 Results / Q4 2017 Results

SA article: Match earnings call: Plans for 2H deceleration, mentions tech patent

Both CEOs talking about stupidities, not about innovations!

As usual, silly GDI Power Book 2018

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