Saturday, March 13, 2010

Latin America market

The local culture in Latin America differs from other regions:

Latin Americans do mostly not have credit cards.

The ones who have credit cards, do mostly not use them for subscriptions.

Latin Americans hate Banks or do not trust in Banks, because Banks had a bad "historic records", they had stolen the money of their clients several times.

Latin American users mostly pay in cash or by other electronic methods like PagoFacil, Rapipago, by Post Office wire transactions or by Western Union for International transactions.

Here in Latin America, it is full of free/cheap low quality online dating proposals -Search and Recommendation engines- powered by local newspapers.

There are also many tricks to use dating sites like Match, Meetic and Be2 for free in Latin American countries.

Latin American users send more SMS and make less calls from mobile phones than USA, Canada and European citizens. The primary use of cell phones are for sending SMS (text messages). More than 70% of people who own a cell phone, are pre-paid clients. They do not receive bills, they charge credit in their cell phones by 2 methods: Acquiring pre-paid cards at kiosks/drugstores or via virtual charge at kiosks/drugstores/supermarkets or at any place with a PosNet terminal (Banelco or Link)

Latin American users need broadband on PC, Macs, notebooks and netbooks because they are very fond of sharing or downloading copyrighted material, like films/movies/music/videos, etc. using sites like Kazaa or eMule to share and sites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload, or other similar sites to download for free. They make an intensive use of Internet. This intensive use includes reading newspapers, sending emails, chatting, video calls, sharing or downloading movies, music, etc.The value they assign to that intensive use should be worth than what the fee they pay for broadband on fixed computers or mobile broadband on notebooks and netbooks.

Now are in decadence, but it used to be lots of Cybercafes where you can hire a computer with broadband for less than USD1.00 per hour.

Latin American users are very fond to obtain things for free, to avoid paying. They are very fond of Microsoft and Yahoo instant messaging and Skype to speak and make video calls. They are very fond of free email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. They are very fond to read newspapers for free. If you live near any place with WiFi like hotels, bars, restaurants, drugstores, most probably you can use Internet for free to read online newspapers, check email accounts, chat or make video calls, etc, (not for secure transactions)

MEETIC (FR 0004063097 – MEET), consolidated annual revenue for the financial year to 31st December 2009, The Group's total consolidated annual revenue came to 164.5 million euros. The Meetic Group had 920,286 subscribers at 31st December 2009.

In 2009, ParPerfeito recorded revenue of 6.6 million euros, EBITDA of 1.7 million euros and net profit of 0.8 million euros. At 31st December 2009, ParPerfeito had a subscriber base of 76,000 clients.

6.6 million euros / 164.5 million euros == 0.04012

ParPerfeito contributtes only with 4% of The Meetic Group consolidated annual revenue

76,000 subscribers / 920,286 subscribers == 0.08258

ParPerfeito contributtes only with 8.25% of The Meetic Group subscribers base.

It is definitely true: Match, Meetic, Be2 and others had been spending millions of U.S. Dollars since years and until now they do not understand the Latin American culture.

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