Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matchmatrix debunked

Dr. James Houran had written at OnlineDatingMagazine last Jan 04, 2010 "MatchMatrix method applied to our research sample predicted the quality of a relationship rather well for couples in relatively new relationships. Yet, it didn't predict the quality of a relationship well when couples had been together two years or more. "

In other words, MatchMatrix is a hoax.

Here is the full report, written by Drs. Houran and Lange.

I remember I tested MatchMatrix during last July 2009 and I suspect "Friends" and "Lovers" outputs are combinations of a "modified" Biorhythms comparison! The first thing I noticed is when you maintain a fixed Birth Date in an input and slowly varies the other input, the outputs resembles sinusoidal functions.

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