Saturday, March 13, 2010

LIFEPROJECT is like 4 pieces puzzle

LIFEPROJECT is like 4 pieces puzzle.

1 is the psycho tests (Multi-language normative tests).

2 is the supercomputer (IBM, Fujitsu, Cray, Nec, Hitachi) or high speed server arrangement (like one used in Google).

3 is the algorithm I have invented (uses QUANTUM MECHANICS MATH and STATISTICAL EQUATIONS).

4 is the marketing scheme revenue by memberships USD300 new / USD30 renewal
(niche market:
* persons that have been hurt in their feelings by others in many on line dating sites. Many people complaint about an important thing: sooner or later, they want to contact compatible real persons, so they will need reliability / high precision in on line dating.
* persons that are searching for a multicultural on line dating. (e.g. a German person living in Germany and compatible with a Brazilian person who speaks Portuguese and lives in Australia)
* persons that have time to wait, perhaps as long as a whole year, or more.
* and all of them have the same reason to pay a fee: this fee will work as a barrier to avoid free users, who could hurt their feelings.

ABOUT marketing scheme:
The MUST HAVE marketing theory: Any prospective client must have almost ONE VALID reason to buy a product or pay for a service subscription. Applying this concept to Online Dating Industry:

Reason #1: PRECIOUS TIME more valuable than MONEY. Nothing is real free!!! Many persons speak/write about or promote the FREE condition of a dating site; they are only CHEAP CHANNELS for deliver ADS, i.e. infomercial-advertainment companies on the web. When you post your profile to a "FREE dating site" or when you search for compatible real persons, you are spending precious time. TIME that you are paying with your LIFE. If you "quantify" the time you spent in a "FREE dating site", suppose USD5.00/hour x 45 hours (1/2 hour x 3 months) == USD 225.00, USD 75/month!!! It is worth than many SERIOUS dating site's subscription fee!!!!

Reason #2: AVOID BEING HURT IN OWN FEELINGSA client will pay a fee to create a barrier which will avoid free users, who could hurt other clients' feelings. "If any person does not pay for the service or does not want to pay for the service, he or she is not interested in serious dating, or is not interested in investing time and effort in building a new relationship with future in mind"

"free users" will realize/understand that spending time and effort searching low-reliable profiles in "free or cheap dating sites" (a lot of hours contacting persons with low success rate, with low satisfaction index) is more expensive THAN paying a fee (USD300-USD800 ? per year) to a quality contacts provider!

The only way I see to kill Match&Chemistry, eHarmony, Yahoo!Personals, True, Meetic, Be2, Parship and PerfectMatch is offering a high quality compatibility matching method to dissatisfied/past customers of those online dating sites, trying to steal their users; and to prospective customers of Offline Proposals.

Example for the matching algorithm I had invented

Ensemble (whole set of different valid possibilities): 1 * E16 with 16PF5

Precision: better than 0.00000001% with Self-Adjustment
- 3 most compatible persons in a 100,000 persons database,
- 12 most compatible persons in a 1,000,000 persons database,
- 48 most compatible persons in a 10,000,000 persons database,

Results are displayed with 2 integers + 8 decimals, like 92.55033557% +/- 0.00000001%

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