Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Badoo's COO (Bart Swanson) Interviewed By StrategyEye

Badoo's COO (Bart Swanson) Interviewed By StrategyEye

Dating sites are after people who are looking for serious relationships.
Badoo is in over 180 countries, and monetise in over 120 countries, with 30 to 40 different payment methods.
The only number that Badoo released was in December last year that Badoo's has a run rate north of USD 100 million.
The number of users that pay, in certain European countries it can be somewhere between 5 to 15% of users, obviously in other countries, like in South America, it can be less than 1%.
Badoo's users, on average, meet 8 people online.
They end up talking and roughly 50% of those people meet face to face.
Badoo is first and foremost a free service.
2 ways in to monetise. By customers who pay for subscriptions, getting various added services such as advanced search. The other part is the premium one-offs (you can promote yourself and digital gifts).
(the hottest trend in digital media right now) Location-based services on mobile, because I think everybody is seeing the same trends that we’re seeing and I don't think it's just early adopters.

But I am tired of saying: WOMEN do not like location awareness because they feel being hunted by men.

Remember I had estimated Badoo's revenue in a previous post.

I also asked "Will Badoo collapse soon?"
I am testing Badoo Argentina and discovered the real database of active members is
5% women
95% men

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