Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PlentyOfFish as a paid site now.

PlentyOfFish wants to be like Badoo in some features.
PlentyOfFish should be classified as a paid online dating site now, and not as a free one.
The "Put away your credit card forever" motto had been thrown away!

As PlentyOfFish stores credit cards numbers, What about security issues? Is it externally audited? (Remember the big hacking incident of last January)

Are free (non paying) members allowed to contact paying members?
Does PlentyOfFish conduct criminal background checks on each member before allowing them to contact other members on the site?
Does PlentyOfFish disclose the % of paying members?
As PlentyOfFish Media Inc. is a Canadian company, but operates mainly in the United States of America, and as a paid online dating site can match U.S. citizens/residents with foreigns promoting marriage; Does PlentyOfFish Media Inc. need to comply with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005?
Because only dating services that do not match U.S. citizens/residents with aliens as their principal business and that charge comparable rates and offer comparable services to ALL clients, regardless of gender or country of citizenship are exempted.

Remember the Jana Claudia Gómez Menéndez case.

If PlentyOfFish is blocked in Argentina, Brazil and other countries, How active profiles of women and men from Argentina and Brazil are shown when you search? Or those profiles are scammers in USA who create fake profiles?

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