Monday, April 18, 2011

the Jana Claudia Gómez Menéndez case

Jana Claudia Gómez Menéndez was a Match free user killed by a paid member!

William Trickett Smith II (USA) met Jana (Perú) via Match where she joined for FREE and he PAID to contact her.
William Trickett Smith II married Jana Claudia Gómez Menéndez in March 2007.
The body of the 21-year-old Peruvian woman was found stuffed inside a suitcase that washed up on a beach at Lima in mid-August of 2007, less than six months after she married Smith following an Internet romance. Smith is the only suspect in her death.

In January 2011, hacking incidents at PlentyOfFish, eHarmony and Meetic (not publicized) occured.
Then a Lawsuit against Match claims more than half Of Match profiles are inactive or fake.

I remember The whitepaper CONSUMERS ARE HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT ONLINE DATING; written by the company WeAttract (no longer exist) during 2005, but still valid

" ..... it should not be too surprising that online dating may have unanticipated consequences.
In fact, studies of major technologies and inventions ... have found a repeated pattern of:
-Intensity of spread and excitement.
-Disaster or highly publicized damage is observed.
-Reform occurs in the industry.
-Vigilance by industry and consumers become necessary.

If online dating follows this trend, we can expect problems to arise that will bring the intensity period to an end. This is not an inevitable cycle. The question for the online dating industry is: What level of disaster will it take to lead to reform and new guidelines in the industry? Will the disaster have to occur on your own site before you make changes?

ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) is a concept used in nuclear safety.

I think Legislation (Identity Verification / Background Checks) and Quality Norms ISO 9001:2008 certification could lead to reach the ALARA concept for the Online Dating Industry.
i.e. the probability of being scammed, raped, murdered, stalked, etc. using a specific Online Dating Site needs to be as low as the probability of being scammed, raped, murdered, stalked, etc. using real/traditional places like parks, schools, bars, libraries, discos, etc. for dating purposes.

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