Monday, April 11, 2011

Some screenshots from

The actual compatibility test does not include personality traits, only similarities in personal preferences.
They are going to use FaceReader from Profiler1 soon, but it is not going to improve nothing.

livestatus.jpg says:

Security guarantee Our site for several years successfully provides its users with the service "payment via sms". We guarantee reliability, confidentiality and compliance with all stated commitments to wage your services. We do not underestimate the rates, indicated only the actual cost of sending sms. If you have any difficulties with payment via sms, please contact our Customer Service. Technicians promptly resolve all difficulties.

We offer you Live-connected status and translate your profile into the category of trust.
Attaching a Live-status, you acknowledge that you are not a bot or a spammer, and the purpose of your stay on the site - dating and socializing.
Purpose Live-status - to improve search quality and communication on the site.
To get live status, you must enter your mobile phone number. Your room will be hidden from users of the site. After clicking on the button "Get code" to your phone will receive SMS message with a code to enter on the next page to confirm.

Compatibility Test Question Nº 1 
Often need advice and willing to listen to them.

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