Saturday, April 2, 2011

eHarmony Brazil 7+ months after launchment

eHarmony-blog (unofficial) reported a USD 1.00 per month offer membership at eHarmony Brazil.

That offer seems to be valid for old users eHarmony's Team wants to convert them in paid members.
See the small letters saying monthly automatic rebilling at BRL 59.95 Brazil reais (USD 37.21)

I had invented a new fake profile at eHarmony Brazil and received this page of payment options.

Annual payment: BRL 299.40 Brazil reais (USD 185.85)
Six months payment: BRL 209.70 Brazil reais (USD 130.17)
Three months payment: BRL 149.85 Brazil reais (USD 93.02)
Monthly billing:  BRL 59.95 Brazil reais (USD 37.21)
That explains why NOBODY is using eHarmony Brazil.

Here in South America nobody will use a credit card to subscribe for a service (with automatic rebilling)
eHarmony is a 10+ years old obsolete site, but if they want to be paid, as any other online dating site wanting to be paid, they should launch a pre paid card, as Facebook credits pre paid cards.

Alexa shows eHarmony Brazil has nearly no traffic.

Forget credit cards, forget automatic rebilling for ALL South American Countries.

This is a sample of a pre paid cell phone card. More than 70% of cell phone users, in whole South America, are pre paid members. They do not use credit cards, nor receive bills in their homes.

If you are a dating site, consider also to use Facebook credits pre paid cards.

I have the theory that if something is successful in Argentina, it could be a success in the World (The Simpsons, Apple, Facebook, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo and others)
If it can NOT be a success here in Argentina, it will definitely NOT be a success in the World.

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