Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to detect fake profiles in Argentina & Uruguay

How to detect fake profiles in Argentina & Uruguay
from foreign dating companies like Badoo, AmorenLinea, OasisActive, etc

First read the articles and the Selected vocabulary differences
Rioplatense Spanish
Argentina is the largest country that uses the voseo, and often it is associated as exclusively belonging to that nation.
Spanish dialects and varieties
Largest cities of Argentina
If you browse profiles from an online dating site and they claim to be genuine Argentineans, those profiles should look like Argentineans, the self description of them should use the Argentinean Spanish dialect and the geographic distribution should be according to the Largest cities of Argentina.

Several "Argentinean" profiles at Badoo, AmorenLinea, OasisActive seem to be equally distributed from different cities (less populated cities overrepresented), as if they were prefilled the database acquiring profiles and make-up them to look as if they were from local cities.

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