Friday, April 29, 2011

Match Japan / certificates any member can add

Last December 2010 I had briefly reviewed Match Japan, because eHarmony plans/planned to launch its Japanese version. There I had discovered the 7 certificates any member can add to its profile in order to increase its reliability.
They are like ID verification and (I think) the employment certificate can perform as a background check if the employer had checked criminal records.
You upload the certificates in JPEG format (fully scanned or photographed) and the Match Team review them. Then they add the certificate seals to your profile (the ones you had uploaded and they were approved by Match Team)
When other dater sees your profile, he/she can request you to disclose those certificates, and if you agree, then you show the scanned certificates (I think that is the way it works)
If any of you can contact Match and ask, it will be great, because I do not understand Japanese, nor I have the Japanese fonts installed in my computer, and the translators Babel Fish or Google Translate can not pass/trespass the subscription screen in Japanese.
Anyway I had created a fake dummy profile of a woman at Match Japan and captured these screenshots. It seems each and every profile is manually approved before you can communicate with other member ("We will confirm within 72 hours of your staff's customer service. Results will email confirmation").
I was also surprised they ask you about your blood type in your profile.
Match Japan also includes Chemistry inside as a compatibility "proprietary personality" matching method.

Match Marbles Limited is an England and Wales Company Number 04791534 UK (VAT number 815337437) The Communications Building, 48 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LR United Kingdom.

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