Thursday, December 29, 2011

Match Latam NEW compatibility matching system

Match Latam claims over 30 million registered persons.
They are Basic, Gold and Platinum members.
Platinum members can communicate with Basic, Gold and Platinum members.
Gold members can communicate with Gold and Platinum members.
Basic users can communicate with Platinum members only.

But my bet is the majority of those 30 million registered persons are inactive or fake profiles.

Match Latam offers a compatibility system which does not include any personality test.
It is available in Spanish (Castilian), Rioplatense Spanish (uses voseo), English, French, Portuguese and German.

"Cupid is a sophisticated data search and cross-tabulation system developed to help bring you closer to your perfect Match.
The tool works in the following way:
1 – The high precision system identifies users that are 70% or more compatible with you;
2 – The system then sends you an e-mail, informing the results of this search based on order of relevance;
3 – It informs you about those individuals shown to be 70% or more compatible with you who have recently changed their profile."

 " high precision " ????

That high precision compatibility system seems to be a mutual filtering method combined with a behavioural recommender system (most probably quite similar to the UltraMatch feature from PlentyOfFish / POF). Of course it is not going to revolutionize the Online Dating Industry. It is a HOAX, only for fun purposes, performing as an ice-breaker.

Every time a woman reviews your profile, a pop up window appears and suggest you to invite her to VideoChat.  When you click, the subscribe window appears

I suspect OkCupid Labs, part of Match's Team, is developing a very advanced compatibility matching method using the normative personality test 16PF5 to be launched in an independent site to replace Chemistry.
Match Japan still uses Chemistry inside as its primary compatibility matching system.

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