Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Badoo 2011 revenue revealed

An article at TechCrunch says Badoo 2011 revenue is USD 100 million

Badoo has 5 main revenue streams:
1) Ads: as I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus addon, I do not see those ads.
2) Selling data from its database to third parties.
3) By subscriptions but it is not mandatory/necessary to pay in order to communicate with other members.
I estimate 300,000 persons paying USD 25 per 3 months (on average)
In South America conversion rate less than 1% (revealed in a previous interview)
4) Virtual gifts: LatinAmericans, persons from "Hispanic origin" are not fond of paying to send virtual gifts as the Asiatics do.
I estimate worldwide 2 million persons sending 3 annually virtual gifts on average. Each virtual gift costs USD 2.00 On a 50% revenue share basis for Badoo and 50% for the carrier.
5) Paying to increase visibility.
my bet is 5 million persons paying USD 2.00, twice a year (on average) to increase their visibility (and popularity - they are mostly men) on a 50% revenue share basis for Badoo and 50% for the carrier.

I had estimated Badoo's 2011 worldwide annual revenue: in the range of USD 46 million from streams 3), 4) and 5).

Badoo is a social dating for fun and I had tested using some dummy f/m profiles and I guess 95% of Badoo's active database are men and only 5% women. It is severely unbalanced.

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